Managing unowned organizations in your enterprise account

You can become an owner of an organization in your enterprise account that currently has no owners.

Enterprise owners can manage unowned organizations in an enterprise account.

Enterprise accounts are available with GitHub Enterprise Cloud and GitHub Enterprise Server. For more information, see "About enterprise accounts."

If you enable user deprovisioning to manage organization membership in your enterprise account, you could end up with an organization that has no organization owners. For more information, see "Enforcing security settings in your enterprise account."

  1. Navigate to your enterprise account by visiting, replacing ENTERPRISE-NAME with your enterprise account's name.
  2. To the right of the search field, click X unowned.
    Button to view unowned organizations
  3. To the right of the organization you want to assume ownership of, click Become an owner.
    Become an owner button
  4. Read the warning, then click Become an owner.
    Become an owner button

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