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You can post a job on GitHub Jobs to find talent for your business.

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Before you can post a job, you must create a GitHub account and verify your email address. For more information, see "Signing up for a new GitHub account" and "Verifying your email address."

Best practices for writing a job post

When you write a job post, make the job title as descriptive as possible. Try to mention the language or technologies the job requires.

In the job description, include information about your company's culture and any benefits you offer. Describe the position in detail, including information about job responsibilities and the team the candidate will work with. List the main skills required for the job in order of importance.

To help candidates find your job post, check Hot Searches on the bottom of the main page. If any of these categories apply to your open position, include them in your job description.

Hot Searches section of GitHub

Tip: GitHub does not track views of your job post or click-throughs. If you want to track click-throughs, you can add tracking parameters to the URL you include in the How to Apply field. For more information, see Google's "URL parameters."

Formatting your job post

You can use markdown to format your job post. For more information, see "Basic writing and formatting syntax."

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