Telemetry terms

Acceptance of the additional telemetry described below is a condition to joining the wait list for the technical preview of GitHub Copilot and using GitHub Copilot during the technical preview.

Additional telemetry

If you are admitted to the technical preview and use GitHub Copilot, the GitHub Copilot Visual Studio Code extension will collect usage information about events in Visual Studio Code that are tied to your user account on GitHub. These events include GitHub Copilot performance, features used, or suggestions accepted or dismissed. GitHub collects this information using Azure Application Insights. This information may include your User Personal Information, as defined in the GitHub Privacy Statement.

This usage information is used by GitHub, and shared with OpenAI, to develop and improve the GitHub Copilot Visual Studio Code extension and related GitHub products. OpenAI also uses this usage information to perform other services related to GitHub Copilot, such as abuse monitoring. Please note that the usage information may include snippets of code that you use, create, or generate while using GitHub Copilot. When you edit files with the GitHub Copilot plugin enabled, file content snippets and suggestion results will be shared with GitHub and OpenAI and used for diagnostic purposes and to improve suggestions. GitHub Copilot relies on file content, for context, both in the file you are editing and potentially other files in the same Visual Studio Code workspace. GitHub Copilot does not use your private code as input to suggest code for other users of GitHub Copilot. The code snippets are treated as confidential information and accessed on a need-to-know basis. You are prohibited from collecting telemetry data about other users of GitHub Copilot from the Visual Studio Code extension. For more details about GitHub Copilot telemetry, please see "About GitHub Copilot telemetry." If you are admitted to the technical preview, you may revoke your consent to the additional telemetry and personal data processing operations described in this paragraph by contacting GitHub and requesting removal from the technical preview.

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