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GitHub AE is currently under limited release.

Managing repository roles

You can control the level of access that each person has to your organization's repositories by managing their repository role.

Repository roles for an organization

You can customize access to each repository in your organization by assigning granular roles, giving people access to the features and tasks they need.

About custom repository roles

You can more granularly control access to your organization's repositories with custom repository roles.

Managing custom repository roles for an organization

You can create, edit, or delete custom repository roles for your organization.

Setting base permissions for an organization

You can set base permissions for the repositories that an organization owns.

Viewing people with access to your repository

You can view and export a list of people with access to a repository within an organization.

Managing an individual's access to an organization repository

You can manage a person's access to a repository owned by your organization.

Managing team access to an organization repository

You can give a team access to a repository, remove a team's access to a repository, or change a team's permission level for a repository.