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GitHub AE is currently under limited release.

About billing for your enterprise

You can view billing information for your enterprise.

About billing for your enterprise

You will receive a monthly bill for GitHub AE, with charges that are calculated per licensed user per day. Once per day, GitHub will count the number of users with a license for your enterprise. GitHub bills you for each licensed user regardless of whether the user logged into GitHub AE that day.

For commercial regions, the price per user per day is $1.2580645161. For 31-day months, the monthly cost for each user is $39. For months with fewer days, the monthly cost is lower. Each billing month begins at a fixed time on the first day of the calendar month.

If you add a licensed user mid-month, that user will only be included in the count for the days they have a license. When you remove a licensed user, that user will remain in the count until the end of that month. Therefore, if you add a user mid-month and later remove the user in the same month, the user will be included in the count from the day the user was added through the end of the month. There is no additional cost if you re-add a user during the same month the user was removed.

For example, here are the costs for users with licenses on different dates.

UserLicense datesCounted daysCost
@octocatJanuary 1 - January 3131$39
@robocatFebruary 1 - February 2828$35.23
@devtocatJanuary 15 - January 3117$21.39
@doctocatJanuary 1 - January 1531$39
@prodocatJanuary 7 - January 1525$31.45
@monalisaJanuary 1 - January 7,
January 15 - January 31

GitHub AE has a 500-user minimum per instance. GitHub bills you for a minimum of 500 users per instance, even if there are fewer than 500 users with a license that day.

You can see your current usage in your Azure account portal.

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