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Using labels with AE hosted runners

You can use labels to organize your AE hosted runners based on their characteristics.

Note: GitHub Actions is currently in beta for GitHub AE.

For information on how to use labels to route jobs to specific types of AE hosted runners, see "Using AE hosted runners in a workflow."

Note: To manage labels for your AE hosted runners, you will need to contact GitHub support.

Viewing the labels for your AE hosted runners

  1. Navigate to where your AE hosted runner is registered:

    • In an organization or repository: navigate to the main page and click Settings.

    • If using an enterprise-level runner:

      1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click .
      2. In the left sidebar, click Enterprise overview.
      3. In the enterprise sidebar, click Policies.
  2. Navigate to the GitHub Actions settings:

    • In an organization or repository: Click Actions in the left sidebar.

      Actions setting

    • If using an enterprise-level runner: Under " Policies", click Actions.

      Actions setting

  3. Click the "Self-hosted runners" tab, and locate the list of runners.

  4. If your runner is in a group, locate the runner group and click to view the list of runners.

    List runner group

  5. Locate the runner you want to check, and click to view the label selection menu. Labels already assigned to your runner have a next to them.

Change runner label

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