GitHub Enterprise Server 2.22 is currently under limited release as a release candidate.

Disabling or limiting GitHub Actions for a repository

Repository owners can disable, enable, and limit GitHub Actions for a specific repository.

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Note: GitHub Actions support on GitHub Enterprise Server 2.22 is a limited public beta. To review the external storage requirements and request access to the beta, see "Enabling GitHub Actions and configuring storage."

Note: GitHub-hosted runners are not currently supported on GitHub Enterprise Server. You can see more information about planned future support on the GitHub public roadmap.

About GitHub Actions permissions for your repository

By default, after GitHub Actions is enabled on your GitHub Enterprise Server instance, it is enabled on all repositories and organizations. You can choose to disable GitHub Actions or limit them to private actions only, which means that people can only use actions that exist in your repository. For more information about GitHub Actions, see "About GitHub Actions."

You can enable GitHub Actions for your repository. When you enable GitHub Actions, workflows are able to run actions located within your repository and any other public repository. You can disable GitHub Actions for your repository altogether. When you disable GitHub Actions, no workflows run in your repository.

Alternatively, you can enable GitHub Actions in your repository but limit the actions a workflow can run. When you enable local actions only, workflows can only run actions located in your repository or organization.

Managing GitHub Actions permissions for your repository

Note: You might not be able to manage these settings if your organization has an overriding policy or is managed by an enterprise that has overriding policy. For more information, see "Disabling or limiting GitHub Actions for your organization" or "Enforcing GitHub Actions policies for your enterprise."

  1. On GitHub Enterprise, navigate to the main page of the repository.
  2. Under your repository name, click Settings.
    Repository settings button
  3. In the left sidebar, click Actions.
    Actions setting
  4. Under "Actions permissions", select an option.
    Enable, disable, or limits actions for this repository

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