Managing GitHub Actions with GitHub CLI

You can use GitHub CLI to interact with GitHub Actions.

GitHub Actions is available with GitHub Free, GitHub Pro, GitHub Free for organizations, GitHub Team, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, GitHub Enterprise Server, and GitHub AE. GitHub Actions is not available for private repositories owned by accounts using legacy per-repository plans.

Note: GitHub-hosted runners are not currently supported on GitHub Enterprise Server. You can see more information about planned future support on the GitHub public roadmap.

Setting up GitHub CLI

To download or upgrade GitHub CLI, follow the instructions in the GitHub CLI README. To access all of the GitHub Actions-related commands, you must use version 1.9.0 or greater. For more information about GitHub CLI, see the GitHub CLI manual.

GitHub CLI can authenticate using your GitHub account. Before running GitHub CLI commands, you will need to authenticate by running gh auth login. For more information on command line authentication, see "gh auth login."

GitHub CLI commands must be run within the repository that you want to interact with, so you must first navigate to the directory containing the local copy of your repository. Alternatively, you can specify a repository by passing -R HOSTNAME/OWNER/REPOSITORY or --repo HOSTNAME/OWNER/REPOSITORY. Replace HOSTNAME with the name of your GitHub Enterprise Server instance. Replace OWNER with owner of the repository. Replace REPOSITORY with the name of the repository.

Managing GitHub Actions with GitHub CLI

To view all available commands related to GitHub Actions, run gh actions.

For more information on using commands in specific scenarios, see the following procedures:

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