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Git and GitHub learning resources

There are a lot of helpful Git and GitHub Enterprise Cloud resources available.

Using GitHub Enterprise Cloud

Become better acquainted with GitHub Enterprise Cloud through our "Using GitHub" articles:

  • To review the fundamentals of a GitHub Enterprise Cloud workflow, see "GitHub flow."
  • To learn about the various tools for working with repositories hosted on GitHub Enterprise Cloud, and how to choose a tool that best suits your needs, see "Connecting to GitHub."
  • To understand the different communication tools on GitHub Enterprise Cloud, such as GitHub Issues, GitHub Discussions, and pull requests, see "Communicating on GitHub."

Using Git

Familiarize yourself with Git through our series of articles:

There are also lots of other online reading resources to help you learn Git:

Online courses

  • GitHub Skills offers free interactive courses that are built into GitHub with instant automated feedback and help. Learn to open your first pull request, make your first open source contribution, create a GitHub Pages site, and more. For more information about course offerings, see GitHub Skills.

  • Git branching is a free interactive tool for learning and practising Git concepts.

  • An interactive online Git course from Pluralsight can also teach you the basics of Git.


GitHub's web-based educational programs

GitHub offers live trainings with a hands-on, project-based approach for those who love the command line and those who don't.

Training for your company

GitHub offers in-person classes taught by our highly-experienced educators. Contact us to ask your training-related questions.


You can connect with developers around the world to ask and answer questions, learn, and interact directly with GitHub Enterprise Cloud staff. To get the conversation started, see "GitHub Community Support."