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Configuring GitHub Copilot settings on

You can change your personal settings on to configure GitHub Copilot's behavior. This affects how GitHub Copilot functions in any supported IDE you use.

Who can use this feature?

People with individual GitHub Copilot subscriptions can configure their settings on

GitHub Copilot can be managed through personal accounts with GitHub Copilot Individual, through organization or enterprise accounts with GitHub Copilot Business, or through enterprise accounts with GitHub Copilot Enterprise.

GitHub Copilot is free to use for verified students, teachers, and maintainers of popular open source projects. For more information, see "About billing for GitHub Copilot."

About GitHub Copilot settings on

In addition to the configuration for the GitHub Copilot plugin in your supported IDE, you can configure settings for GitHub Copilot on The settings apply wherever you use GitHub Copilot.

Configuring GitHub Copilot settings on

Before you can start using GitHub Copilot, you will need to set up a free trial or subscription. For more information about setting up a trial or subscription for your personal account, see "Managing your GitHub Copilot Individual subscription." For more information about setting up a subscription for your organization or enterprise, see "Managing your GitHub Copilot Business subscription" or "Managing your GitHub Copilot Enterprise subscription."

Once you have an active GitHub Copilot Individual trial or subscription, you can adjust GitHub Copilot settings for your personal account on GitHub in the GitHub Copilot settings. The settings apply anywhere that you use GitHub Copilot. You can configure the suggestions that GitHub Copilot offers and how GitHub uses your telemetry data.

Enabling or disabling duplication detection

Note: If you are a member of an organization on GitHub Enterprise Cloud who has been assigned a GitHub Copilot seat through your organization, you will not be able to configure duplication detection in your personal account settings. Your duplication detection setting will be inherited from your organization or enterprise.

Your personal settings for GitHub Copilot include an option to either allow or block code completion suggestions that match publicly available code. If you choose to block suggestions matching public code, GitHub Copilot checks code completion suggestions with their surrounding code of about 150 characters against public code on GitHub. If there is a match, or a near match, the suggestion is not shown to you.

If you choose to allow suggestions matching public code, and you accept a suggestion for which one or more matches were found, you can click through from an entry in the GitHub Copilot log to view a list of references on GitHub. For more information, see "Finding public code that matches GitHub Copilot suggestions."

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Settings.

    Screenshot of a user's account menu on GitHub. The menu item "Settings" is outlined in dark orange.

  2. In the left sidebar, click Copilot.

  3. Under Suggestions matching public code, select the dropdown menu, then click Allow to allow suggestions matching public code, or Block to block suggestions matching public code.

  4. To confirm your new settings, click Save.