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About billing for GitHub accounts

GitHub offers free and paid products for every developer or team.

For more information about the products available for your account, see "GitHub's products." You can see pricing and a full list of features for each product at GitHub Enterprise Cloud does not offer custom products or subscriptions.

You can choose monthly or yearly billing, and you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. For more information, see "Managing billing for your GitHub account."

You can purchase other features and products with your existing GitHub Enterprise Cloud payment information. For more information, see "About billing on GitHub."

Each account on GitHub Enterprise Cloud is billed separately. Upgrading an organization account enables paid features for the organization's repositories only and does not affect the features available in repositories owned by any associated personal accounts. Similarly, upgrading a personal account enables paid features for the personal account's repositories only and does not affect the repositories of any organization accounts. For more information about account types, see "Types of GitHub accounts."

You must manage billing settings and paid features for each of your accounts separately. You can switch between settings for your personal account, organization accounts, and enterprise accounts using the context switcher on each settings page. For more information, see "Switching between settings for your different accounts."

Tip: GitHub has programs for verified students and academic faculty, which include academic discounts. For more information, visit GitHub Education.