Submitting your listing for publication

You can submit your listing for the GitHub community to use.

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Once you've completed the listing for your app, you'll see two buttons that allow you to request publication of the listing with or without verification. The Request button for "Publish without verification" is disabled if you have published any paid pricing plans in the listing.

Unverified and verified request button

You can request publication with or without verification. Requesting publication without verification allows you to launch a free version of your app quickly. If you then request publication with verification, your listing will be updated to include the verified creator badge and any paid pricing plans when you complete verification and financial onboarding.

After you submit your listing for review, an onboarding expert will reach out to you with additional information.

For an overview of the process for creating and submitting a listing, see "About GitHub Marketplace."

Prerequisites for publishing with verification

Before you request verification of your listing, you'll need to integrate the GitHub Marketplace billing flows and webhook into your app. For more information, see "Using the GitHub Marketplace API in your app."

If you've met the requirements for listing and you've integrated with the GitHub Marketplace API, go ahead and submit your listing. For more information, see "Requirements for listing an app."

If you want to sell an app that's owned by your user account, first you'll need to transfer the app to an organization, and then request verification for a listing created by the organization. For information on how to do this, see: "Transferring an app to an organization before you submit" below.

Transferring an app to an organization before you submit

You cannot sell an app that's owned by a user account. You need to transfer the app to an organization that is already a verified creator, or that can request verification for a listing for the app. For details, see:

  1. "Creating an organization from scratch"

  2. "Transferring ownership of a GitHub App" or "Transferring ownership of an OAuth App"

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