Drafting a listing for your app

When you create a GitHub Marketplace listing, GitHub saves it in draft mode until you submit the app for approval. Your listing shows customers how they can use your app.

Create a new draft GitHub Marketplace listing

You can only create draft listings for apps that are public. Before creating your draft listing, you can read the following guidelines for writing and configuring settings in your GitHub Marketplace listing:

To create a GitHub Marketplace listing:

  1. In the upper-right corner of any page, click your profile photo, then click Settings. Settings icon in the user bar

  2. In the left sidebar, click Developer settings. Developer settings section

  3. In the left sidebar, click either OAuth Apps or GitHub Apps depending on the app you're adding to GitHub Marketplace.

    Note: You can also add a listing by navigating to https://github.com/marketplace/new, viewing your available apps, and clicking Create draft listing.

    App type selection

  4. Select the app you'd like to add to GitHub Marketplace. App selection for GitHub Marketplace listing

  5. On the app settings landing page, scroll down to the Marketplace section and click List in Marketplace. If you already have a Marketplace draft listing, click Edit Marketplace listing. The Marketplace section is only visible if you allowed your app to be installed by any user or organization when registering the app. For more information, see the list of Marketplace requirements. link to edit your GitHub Marketplace listing

  6. Once you've created a new draft listing, you'll see an overview of the sections that you'll need to visit before your GitHub Marketplace listing will be complete. GitHub Marketplace listing

Note: In the "Contact info" section of your listing, we recommend using individual email addresses, rather than group emails addresses like support@domain.com. GitHub will use these email addresses to contact you about updates to GitHub Marketplace that might affect your listing, new feature releases, marketing opportunities, payouts, and information on conferences and sponsorships.

Editing your listing

Once you've created a GitHub Marketplace draft listing, you can come back to modify information in your listing anytime. If your app is already approved and in GitHub Marketplace, you can edit the information and images in your listing, but you will not be able to change existing published pricing plans. See "Setting a GitHub Marketplace listing's pricing plan."

Submitting your app

Once you've completed your GitHub Marketplace listing, you can submit your listing for review from the Overview page. You'll need to read and accept the "GitHub Marketplace Developer Agreement," and then you can click Submit for review. After you submit your app for review, an onboarding expert will contact you with additional information about the onboarding process.

Removing a GitHub Marketplace listing

If you no longer want to list your app in GitHub Marketplace, contact GitHub Support to remove your listing.

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