About verified creators

Each organization that wants to sell apps on GitHub Marketplace must follow a verification process. Their identity is checked and their billing process reviewed.

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About verified creators

A verified creator is an organization that GitHub has checked. Anyone can share their apps with other users on GitHub Marketplace but only organizations that are verified by GitHub can sell apps. For more information about organizations, see "About organizations."

The verification process aims to protect users. For example, it verifies the seller's identity, checks that their GitHub organization is set up securely, and that they can be contacted for support.

After passing the verification checks, any apps that the organization lists on GitHub Marketplace are shown with a verified creator badge . The organization can now add paid plans to any of their apps. Each app with a paid plan also goes through a financial onboarding process to check that it's set up to handle billing correctly.

verified creator badges

In addition to the verified creator badge, you'll also see badges for unverified and verified apps. These apps were published using the old method for verifying individual apps.

Green verified and grey unverified badge

For information on finding apps to use, see "Searching GitHub Marketplace."

About the verification process

The first time you request verification for a listing of one of your apps, you will enter the verification process. An onboarding expert will guide you through the process. This includes checking:

  • Profile information - The basic profile information is populated accurately and appropriately.
  • Security - The organization has enabled two-factor authentication.
  • Verified domain - The organization has verified the domain of the site URL.
  • Purchase webhook event - The event is handled correctly by the app.

When your organization is verified, all your apps are shown with a verified creator badge. You are now able to offer paid plans for any of your apps.

For more information about the requirements for listing an app on GitHub Marketplace, see "Requirements for listing an app on GitHub Marketplace."

If you want to sell an app that's owned by your user account, first you'll need to transfer the app to an organization, and then request verification for a listing created by the organization. For information on how to do this, see: "Submitting your listing for publication."

Note: This verification process for apps replaces the previous process where individual apps were verified. The current process is similar to the verification process for actions. If you have apps that were verified under the old process, these will not be affected by the changes. The GitHub Marketplace team will contact you with details of how to migrate to organization-based verification.

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