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About GitHub Copilot Enterprise

Learn about GitHub Copilot Enterprise and the features available with it.

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is in beta, and functionality and documentation are subject to change. You can nominate an organization or enterprise for the beta using the Copilot Enterprise waitlist form.

About the Copilot Enterprise beta

GitHub Copilot Enterprise is a Copilot plan available for organizations and enterprises that use GitHub Enterprise Cloud. Copilot Enterprise is currently in beta and available to a limited number of customers.

If Copilot Enterprise is enabled for an organization or enterprise, members get access to the following Copilot features on

These features are in beta and subject to change. Additional features will be added to the Copilot Enterprise offering over time. If you're taking part in the beta, you'll be notified when new features are added.

Signing up for the Copilot Enterprise beta

You can nominate an organization or enterprise that you're a member of for the Copilot Enterprise waitlist. To join the waitlist, the organization or enterprise must use GitHub Enterprise Cloud and have an active GitHub Copilot Business subscription.

Nominating an organization or enterprise for the waitlist does not guarantee access. By signing up to the waitlist, you are agreeing to the pre-release license terms. For more information, see "GitHub Copilot Pre-release License Terms."

If an organization or enterprise is granted access to the Copilot Enterprise beta, an administrator must enable the features before members can start using them. For more information, see "Enabling GitHub Copilot Enterprise" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.