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About GitHub Copilot

Find out what GitHub Copilot can do and which Copilot plan is right for you.

GitHub Copilot is an AI coding assistant that helps you write code faster and with less effort, allowing you to focus more energy on problem solving and collaboration. Copilot offers coding suggestions as you type: sometimes the completion of the current line, sometimes a whole new block of code. You can accept all, or part, of a suggestion, or you can ignore the suggestion and keep typing.

Using the chat feature, you can ask Copilot how best to solve a problem. Or you can ask Copilot to explain someone else's code. If your code has a bug, you can ask Copilot how to fix it.

GitHub Copilot has been proven to increase developer productivity and accelerate the pace of software development. For more information, see "Research: quantifying GitHub Copilot’s impact on developer productivity and happiness" on the GitHub blog.

Assistance where you need it

GitHub Copilot is available:

  • In your IDE
  • In GitHub Mobile, as a chat interface
  • On the command line, through the GitHub CLI
  • On, with a subscription to Copilot Enterprise

GitHub Copilot features

Copilot includes a suite of features, such as:

For a full list of the features and functionality available on each GitHub Copilot plan, see "GitHub Copilot Individual feature set", "GitHub Copilot Business feature set", or "GitHub Copilot Enterprise feature set."

Getting access to GitHub Copilot

You can access GitHub Copilot as part of one of the following paid plans.

  • Copilot Individual - Get access to GitHub Copilot in an IDE, or on the command line, for your personal or independent use. For more information, see "About GitHub Copilot Individual."

  • Copilot Business - Access GitHub Copilot as a member of an organization. Owners of the organization can manage access for individual members or for teams. For more information, see "About GitHub Copilot Business."

  • Copilot Enterprise - In addition to accessing Copilot in an IDE or on the command line, use Copilot on This includes the ability to:

    • Chat with Copilot to get help with your code, or to ask general tech-related questions.
    • Create tailored knowledge bases to use as the context for chat.
    • Generate automatic summaries of pull requests.

    For more information, see "About GitHub Copilot Enterprise."

If you have an active GitHub Copilot Individual subscription, and are then assigned a seat as part of a GitHub Copilot Business or GitHub Copilot Enterprise subscription, your personal GitHub Copilot subscription will be automatically canceled. For more information, see "About billing for GitHub Copilot."