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Upgrading a sponsorship

You can upgrade your sponsorship to a higher tier.

About sponsorship upgrades

When you upgrade your sponsorship tier, the change will become effective immediately. If you're starting a monthly sponsorship on behalf of your personal account, you'll immediately be charged a prorated amount for the time until your next regular billing date. If you're sponsoring on behalf of an organization, you can choose to pay the prorated amount or make the full monthly payment.

Upgrading a sponsorship

  1. On GitHub, navigate to the sponsored account's profile.

  2. Navigate to your sponsorship dashboard for the account.

    • If you're sponsoring a personal account, under the user's name, click Sponsoring.

      Screenshot of the sidebar of @octocat's profile page. A button, labeled with a heart icon and "Sponsoring", is outlined in dark orange.

    • If you're sponsoring an organization, to the right of the organization's name, click Sponsoring.

  3. Optionally, to manage a sponsorship on behalf of an organization, on the right side of the page, use the Sponsoring as dropdown menu, then click the organization.

  4. On the right side of the page, beside "Select a tier", review the sponsorship tiers available. If more than one type of tier is available, "Monthly" tiers are shown by default. Click One-time to show the tiers for one-time payments.

  5. To the right of the tier you want, click Select.

    Alternatively, if you want to select a custom amount, enter the sponsorship amount in the text field provided, then click Select.

  6. Click Update sponsorship.