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About billing for Git Large File Storage

If you purchase additional storage and bandwidth for Git Large File Storage, your purchase shares your account's existing billing date, payment method, and receipt.

About billing for Git Large File Storage

Every account using Git Large File Storage receives 1 GiB of free storage and 1 GiB a month of free bandwidth. If the bandwidth and storage quotas are not enough, you can choose to purchase an additional quota for Git LFS. Unused bandwidth doesn't roll over month-to-month.

Bandwidth and storage usage only count against the repository owner's account. In forks, bandwidth and storage usage count against the root of the repository network. Anyone with write access to a repository can push files to Git LFS without affecting their personal bandwidth and storage quotas or purchasing data packs. Forking and pulling a repository counts against the parent repository's bandwidth usage.

You must manage billing settings and paid features for each of your accounts separately. You can switch between settings for your personal account, organization accounts, and enterprise accounts using the context switcher on each settings page. For more information, see "About billing on GitHub."

Purchasing additional storage and bandwidth

Additional storage and bandwidth is offered in a single data pack. One data pack costs $5 per month, and provides a monthly quota of 50 GiB for bandwidth and 50 GiB for storage. You can purchase as many data packs as you need. For example, if you need 150 GB of storage, you'd buy three data packs. For more information about how to purchase additional storage and bandwidth, see "Upgrading Git Large File Storage."

Purchasing data packs for Git LFS is independent of any other paid feature or product on GitHub.

Downgrading storage and bandwidth

If you downgrade your number of additional data packs, your changes will take effect on your next billing date.

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