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About the user authorization callback URL

You can specify a URL that users will be redirected to after they authorize an app.

When you create a GitHub App, you can specify a callback URL. When you use the web application flow to generate a user access token in order to act on behalf of a user, users will be redirected to the callback URL after they authorize the app.

You can specify up to 10 callback URLs. If you specify multiple callback URLs, you can use the redirect_uri parameter when you prompt the user to authorize your app, to indicate which callback URL the user should be redirected to. If you do not specify redirect_uri, the first callback URL will be used.

The callback URL is different from the setup URL. Users are redirected to the setup URL after they install an app. Users are redirected to the callback URL when they authorize an app via the web application flow.

For more information about generating user access tokens, see "Generating a user access token for a GitHub App". For more information about creating a GitHub App, see "Creating a GitHub App."