Opting into or out of the GitHub Archive Program for your public repository

You can manage whether GitHub includes your public repository in the GitHub Archive-Programm to help ensure the long-term preservation of the world's open source software.

People with admin permissions to a public repository can opt into or out of the GitHub Archive-Programm.

Standardmäßig sind alle öffentlichen Repositories in GitHub Archive-Programm enthalten, welches eine Partnerschaft zwischen GitHub und Organisationen wie der Software Heritage Foundation und 'Internet Archive' ist, um die langfristige Erhaltung der weltweiten Open-Source-Software zu gewährleisten. For more information, see "About archiving content and data on GitHub."

If you opt out of the GitHub Archive-Programm for a repository, the repository will be excluded from any long-term archives that GitHub may create in the future. We will also send a request to each of our partner organizations to remove the repository from their data.

  1. Navigiere in GitHub zur Hauptseite des Repository.
  2. Klicke unter Deinem Repository-Namen auf Settings (Einstellungen). Schaltfläche „Repository settings" (Repository-Einstellungen)
  3. Under "Features", select or unselect Preserve this repository. Checkbox for allowing GitHub to include your code in the GitHub Archive-Programm

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