About using Repl.it with GitHub Classroom

You can configure Repl.it as the online integrated development environment (IDE) for assignments in GitHub Classroom.

About Repl.it

Repl.it is an online integrated development environment (IDE) that supports multiple programming languages. Students can write, edit, run, test, and debug code in a browser with Repl.it. For more information about online IDEs and GitHub Classroom, see "Integrate GitHub Classroom with an online IDE."

When a student accepts an assignment with an online IDE, the assignment repository will include a README.md file with a special button at the top of the file. The button links the student directly to the workspace in the online IDE.

The first time the student clicks the button to visit Repl.it, the student must sign into Repl.it with GitHub credentials. After signing in, the student will have access to a development environment containing the code from the assignment repository, fully configured on Repl.it.

For more information about working on Repl.it, see the Repl.it Quickstart Guide.

For group assignments, students can use Repl.it Multiplayer to work collaboratively. For more information, see the Repl.it Multiplayer website.

About submission of assignments with Repl.it

By default, Repl.it is configured to push to the assignment repository on GitHub. After making progress on an assignment with Repl.it, students should push changes to GitHub using the version control functionality in the left sidebar.

Repl.it version control functionality

For more information about using Git on Repl.it, see the Repl.it + Git Tutorial on the Repl.it website.

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