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Approving OAuth Apps for your organization

When an organization member or outside collaborator requests OAuth App access to organization resources, organization owners can approve or deny the request.

When OAuth App access restrictions are enabled, organization members and outside collaborators must request approval from an organization owner before they can authorize an OAuth App that has access to the organization's resources.

作为组织所有者,可以选择是否允许外部协作者请求访问未经审批的 OAuth Apps 和 GitHub Apps。 有关详细信息,请参阅“限制 OAuth 应用和 GitHub 应用访问请求。”

  1. 在 的右上角,单击你的个人资料照片,然后单击“你的组织”。 贵组织在配置文件菜单中
  2. 在组织旁边,单击“设置”。 设置按钮
  3. 在边栏的“集成”部分中,单击 “第三方访问”。
  4. Next to the application you'd like to approve, click Review. Review request link
  5. After you review the information about the requested application, click Grant access. Grant access button

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