Exporting member information for your organization

You can export information about members in your organization, directly from the user interface.

Organization owners can export member information for their organization.

You can export information about members in your organization. This is useful if you want to perform an audit of users within the organization.

The exported information includes:

  • Username and display name details
  • Whether the user has two-factor authentication enabled
  • Whether the membership is public or private
  • Whether the user is an organization owner or member
  • Datetime of the user's last activity (for a full list of relevant activity, see "Managing dormant users")

You can get member information directly from the GitHub user interface, or using APIs. This article explains how to obtain member information from within GitHub.

For more information about the APIs, see our GraphQL API and REST API documentation about users.

  1. In the top right corner of GitHub.com, click your profile photo, then click Your organizations. 个人资料菜单中的组织
  2. 单击您的组织名称。 组织列表中的组织名称
  3. 在组织名称下,单击 People. 人员选项卡
  4. To the right of the search bar, select the Export drop-down menu and click the desired export format. Screenshot of the export button.




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