Setting up a trial of GitHub AE

您可以免费试用 GitHub AE。

About the GitHub AE trial

You can set up a 90-day trial to evaluate GitHub AE. This process allows you to deploy a GitHub AE account in your existing Azure region.

  • GitHub AE account: The Azure resource that contains the required components, including the instance.
  • GitHub AE portal: The Azure management tool at This is used to deploy the GitHub AE account.

设置 GitHub AE 的试用版

Before you can start your trial of GitHub AE, you must request access by contacting your GitHub account team. GitHub will enable the GitHub AE trial for your Azure subscription.

Contact GitHub' 销售团队 to check your eligibility for a GitHub AE trial.

Deploying GitHub AE with the Azure Portal

The Azure Portal allows you to deploy the GitHub AE account in your Azure resource group.

  1. On the Azure Portal, type GitHub AE in the search field. Then, under Services, click GitHub AE. Azure Portal search result
  2. To begin the process of adding a new GitHub AE account, click Create GitHub AE account.
  3. Complete the "Project details" and "Instance details" fields. Azure Portal search result
    • Account name: The hostname for your enterprise
    • Administrator username: A username for the initial enterprise owner that will be created in GitHub AE
    • Administrator email: The email address that will receive the login information
  4. To review a summary of the proposed changes, click Review + create.
  5. After the validation process has completed, click Create.

The email address you entered above will receive instructions on how to access your enterprise. After you have access, you can get started by following the initial setup steps. 更多信息请参阅“初始化 GitHub AE。”

Note: Software updates for your GitHub AE instance are performed by GitHub. For more information, see "About upgrades to new releases."

You can use the Azure Portal to navigate to your GitHub AE instance. The resulting list includes all the GitHub AE instances in your Azure region.

  1. On the Azure Portal, in the left panel, click All resources.
  2. From the available filters, click All types, then deselect Select all and select GitHub AE: Azure Portal search result


Once your instance has been provisioned, the next step is to initialize GitHub AE. 更多信息请参阅“初始化 GitHub AE。”


You can upgrade to a full license at any time during the trial period by contacting contact GitHub' 销售团队. If you haven't upgraded by the last day of your trial, then the instance is automatically deleted.

如果需要更多时间来评估 GitHub AE,请联系 GitHub' 销售团队 申请延期。





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