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Managing data use settings for your private repository

To help GitHub connect you to relevant tools, people, projects, and information, you can configure data use for your private repository.

About data use for your private repository

You can control data use for your private repository with the security and analysis features.

  • Enable the dependency graph to allow read-only data analysis on your repository.
  • Disable the dependency graph to block read-only data analysis of your repository.

When you enable data use for your private repository, you'll be able to access the dependency graph, where you can track your repository's dependencies and receive Dependabot 警报 when GitHub detects vulnerable dependencies. For more information, see "About Dependabot 警报."

Note: If you disable the dependency graph, Dependabot 警报 and Dependabot 安全更新 are also disabled. For more information, see "About the dependency graph."

Enabling or disabling data use through security and analysis features

如果启用安全和分析功能, GitHub 将对您的仓库进行只读分析。 更多信息请参阅“关于 GitHub 对数据的使用”。

  1. 在 上,导航到仓库的主页面。

  2. 在仓库名称下,单击 Settings(设置)仓库设置按钮

  3. 在边栏的“Security(安全性)”部分中,单击 Code security and analysis(代码安全性和分析)

  4. Under "Code security and analysis", to the right of the feature, click Disable or Enable. "Enable" or "Disable" button for "Configure security and analysis" features

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