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Configuring custom footers

You can give users easy access to enterprise-specific links by adding custom footers to GitHub Enterprise Server.

Enterprise owners can configure GitHub Enterprise Server to show custom footers with up to five additional links.

Custom footer

The custom footer is displayed above the GitHub footer to all users, on all pages of GitHub Enterprise Server.

Configuring custom footers for your enterprise

  1. 在 GitHub Enterprise Server 的右上角,单击您的个人资料照片,然后单击 Enterprise settings(Enterprise 设置)GitHub Enterprise Server 上个人资料照片下拉菜单中的"Enterprise settings(企业设置)"

  2. 在企业帐户侧边栏中,单击 Settings(设置)企业帐户侧边栏中的“设置”选项卡

  3. Under "Settings", click Profile. Enterprise profile settings

  4. At the top of the Profile section, click Custom footer. Custom footer section

  5. Add up to five links in the fields shown. Add footer links

  6. Click Update custom footer to save the content and display the custom footer. Update custom footer