Getting started with GitHub Actions for GitHub Enterprise Server

Learn about enabling and configuring GitHub Actions on GitHub Enterprise Server for the first time.

Site administrators can enable GitHub Actions and configure enterprise settings.

注: GitHub 托管的运行器目前在 GitHub Enterprise Server 上不受支持。 您可以在 GitHub 公共路线图 上查看有关未来支持计划的更多信息。

This article explains how site administrators can configure GitHub Enterprise Server to use GitHub Actions. It covers the hardware and software requirements, presents the storage options, and describes the security management policies.

Review hardware considerations

For more information about resource requirements for GitHub Enterprise Server, see the hardware considerations for your instance's platform.

有关为现有实例调整资源的更多信息,请参阅“增加存储容量”和“增加 CPU 或内存资源”。

External storage requirements

要在 GitHub Enterprise Server 上启用 GitHub Actions,您必须有权访问外部 Blob 存储。

GitHub Actions 使用 Blob 存储来存储工作流程运行生成的构件,如工作流程日志和用户上传的构建构件。 所需存储量取决于您使用 GitHub Actions 的情况。 Only a single external storage configuration is supported, and you can't use multiple storage providers at the same time.

GitHub Actions 支持以下存储提供商:

  • Azure Blob 存储
  • Amazon S3
  • S3 兼容的 MinIO Gateway for NAS

Note: These are the only storage providers that GitHub supports and can provide assistance with. Other S3 API-compatible storage providers are unlikely to work due to differences from the S3 API. Contact us to request support for additional storage providers.

Enabling GitHub Actions with your storage provider

Follow one of the procedures below to enable GitHub Actions with your chosen storage provider:

Managing access permissions for GitHub Actions in your enterprise

You can use policies to manage access to GitHub Actions. For more information, see "Enforcing GitHub Actions policies for your enterprise."


注: GitHub 托管的运行器目前在 GitHub Enterprise Server 上不受支持。 您可以在 GitHub 公共路线图 上查看有关未来支持计划的更多信息。

To run GitHub Actions workflows, you need to add self-hosted runners. You can add self-hosted runners at the enterprise, organization, or repository levels. 更多信息请参阅“添加自托管的运行器”。

Managing which actions can be used in your enterprise

You can control which actions your users are allowed to use in your enterprise. This includes setting up GitHub Connect for automatic access to actions from, or manually syncing actions from

For more information, see "About using actions on GitHub Enterprise Server."

General security hardening for GitHub Actions

If you want to learn more about security practices for GitHub Actions, see "Security hardening for GitHub Actions."



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