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通过设置主题首选项以遵循系统设置或始终使用浅色模式或深色模式,您可以管理 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 的外观,

为了选择和灵活地使用 GitHub Enterprise Cloud,您可以配置主题设置来更改 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 的外观。 您可以在浅色和深色两个主题中进行选择,也可以配置 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 遵循系统设置。


If you have low vision, you may benefit from a high contrast theme, with greater contrast between foreground and background elements. If you have colorblindness, you may benefit from our light and dark colorblind themes.

Note: The colorblind themes and light high contrast theme are currently in public beta. For more information on enabling features in public beta, see "Exploring early access releases with feature preview."

  1. 在任何页面的右上角,单击您的个人资料照片,然后单击 Settings(设置)用户栏中的 Settings 图标

  2. 在用户设置侧边栏中,单击 Appearance(外观)


  3. Under "Theme mode", select the drop-down menu, then click a theme preference.


  4. 单击想要使用的主题。

    • 如果您选择单个主题,请单击一个主题。

      Radio buttons for the choice of a single theme

    • 如果您选择遵循系统设置,请单击白天主题和夜间主题。

      Buttons for the choice of a theme to sync with the system setting

    • If you would like to choose a theme which is currently in public beta, you will first need to enable it with feature preview. For more information, see "Exploring early access releases with feature preview."

Note: You can also change your theme settings with the command palette. For more information, see "GitHub Command Palette".