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Use the Git and GitHub starter assignment

You can use the Git & GitHub starter assignment to give students an overview of Git and GitHub fundamentals.

Who can use this feature

Organization owners who are admins for a classroom can use Git & GitHub starter assignments. 有关教室管理员的详细信息,请参阅“关于教室管理”。

The Git & GitHub starter assignment is a pre-made course that summarizes the basics of Git and GitHub and links students to resources to learn more about specific topics.


您必须先创建一个课堂才能创建作业。 有关详细信息,请参阅“管理教室”。

Creating the starter assignment

If there are no existing assignments in the classroom

  1. Sign into GitHub Classroom.
  2. Navigate to a classroom.
  3. In the Assignments tab, click Use starter assignment.
Creating your first assignment

If there already are existing assignments in the classroom

  1. Sign into GitHub Classroom.
  2. Navigate to a classroom.
  3. In the Assignments tab, click the link on the blue banner.
The 'New assignment' button

Setting up the basics for an assignment

Import the starter course into your organization, name your assignment, decide whether to assign a deadline, and choose the visibility of assignment repositories.

Importing the assignment

You first need to import the Git & GitHub starter assignment into your organization.

The `Import the assignment` button

Naming the assignment

For an individual assignment, GitHub Classroom names repositories by the repository prefix and the student's GitHub username. By default, the repository prefix is the assignment title. For example, if you name an assignment "assignment-1" and the student's username on GitHub is @octocat, the name of the assignment repository for @octocat will be assignment-1-octocat.

输入作业的标题。 (可选)单击 以编辑前缀。

Assignment title and prefix

Assigning a deadline for an assignment

(可选)您可以为作业分配一个截止日期。 在“Deadline (optional)(截止日期 [可选])”下,单击文本字段,然后使用日期选择器指定截止日期。

Date picker for assignment deadline

Choosing a visibility for assignment repositories

The repositories for an assignment can be public or private. If you use private repositories, only the student can see the feedback you provide. Under "Repository visibility," select a visibility.

When you're done, click Continue. GitHub Classroom will create the assignment and bring you to the assignment page.

'Continue' button

Inviting students to an assignment

默认情况下, GitHub Classroom 会为您创建的每个作业启用邀请 URL。 当邀请 URL 启用时,学生可以接受并提交作业。 您可以在 LMS、课程主页或您发布作业的任何地方与您的学生分享 URL。 如果学生已接受课堂作业,学生也可以在 GitHub Classroom 上导航到作业。

警告:请注意共享邀请 URL 的位置。 任何拥有作业邀请 URL 的人都可以接受邀请并将 GitHub 上的个人帐户与你的名册中的标识符相关联。

You can see whether a student has joined the classroom and accepted or submitted an assignment in the All students tab for the assignment. 若要防止学生接受或提交作业,可以在“编辑作业”视图中更改“作业状态”。 当作业处于“活动”状态时,学生将能够使用邀请链接接受该作业。 当它处于“非活动”状态时,此链接将不再有效。

Individual assignment

The Git & GitHub starter assignment is only available for individual students, not for groups. Once you create the assignment, students can start work on the assignment.

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