Run student code in an IDE

You can run the code from a student assignment within the integrated development environment (IDE) that you configured for the assignment.

About student code and IDEs

If you configure an integrated development environment (IDE) for an assignment, you can run the code within the IDE. 您不需要复制作业仓库到您的计算机。

For more information about IDEs, see "Integrate GitHub 课堂 with an IDE."

Running student code in the IDE

  1. 登录 GitHub Classroom
  2. 在课堂列表中,单击要查看的课堂。 组织教室列表中的教室
  3. 在作业列表中,单击要查看的作业。 课堂作业列表中的作业
  4. 在提交的右侧,请单击 View IDE(查看 IDE)使用在线 IDE 提交的"查看 IDE"按钮




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