with GitHub Classroom

As of July 13 2021, integration is no longer available in GitHub 课堂.

What’s changing with integration

As of July 13 2021, integration is no longer available. Here’s what’s changed:

  • New private and public repls can no longer be created from within GitHub Classroom.
  • Replit Hacker benefits, such as Always On and Boosts, are no longer available for new GitHub Classroom users.

What does this mean for existing assignments?

Your existing GitHub Classroom repls will remain private forever and you can submit work to GitHub Classroom via these repls until September 30 2021. After September 2021, the Replit icon on the assignment README will no longer work. We suggest you remove the instructions from any README using the integration and let students know that the icon will no longer work.

While you can no longer create private repls from within Classroom, you can continue to create private repls in Replit until September 30th.

We know cloud IDE integrations are important to your classroom and are working hard to bring you more options.





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