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关于 GitHub Community Exchange

Learn the skills you need to contribute to open source projects and grow your own portfolio, with GitHub Community Exchange.

关于 GitHub Community Exchange

GitHub Community Exchange 是 GitHub Global Campus 门户内的学生社区。 作为学生,在这里您可以接触到您的项目,并发现其他需要合作者和维护者的学生仓库。

Community Exchange 页面的屏幕截图

您可以帮助同行学习开源技能,成为项目维护者,并在安全且经过验证的社区平台中发展您的 GitHub 组合和网络。

GitHub Community Exchange 允许您:

  • 发现学生创建的存储库
  • 对感兴趣的存储库标星
  • 提交需要协作者的存储库
  • 提交存储库以教授新技能
  • 管理存储库提交

For more information, see "Contribute with GitHub Community Exchange."

To access GitHub Community Exchange, visit your GitHub Global Campus dashboard at

If you're a student or faculty member at an accredited educational institution, you can apply for GitHub Education benefits, which includes access to GitHub Community Exchange within GitHub Global Campus.