About Campus Advisors

As an instructor or mentor, learn to use GitHub at your school with Campus Advisors training and support.

Professors, teachers and mentors can use the Campus Advisors online training to master Git and GitHub and learn best practices for teaching students with GitHub. For more information, see "Campus Advisors."

Note: As an instructor, you can't create accounts on GitHub.com for your students. Students must create their own accounts on GitHub.com.

Teachers can manage a course on software development with GitHub Education. GitHub 课堂 allows you to distribute code, provide feedback, and manage coursework using GitHub. For more information, see "Manage coursework with GitHub 课堂."

If you're a student or academic faculty and your school isn't partnered with GitHub as a GitHub 校园计划 school, then you can still individually apply for discounts to use GitHub. For more information, see "Use GitHub for your schoolwork" or "Use GitHub in your classroom and research."




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