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GitHub ユーザ名ポリシー

GitHub account names are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are intended for immediate and active use.

What if the username I want is already taken?

Keep in mind that not all activity on GitHub is publicly visible; accounts with no visible activity may be in active use.

If the username you want has already been claimed, consider other names or unique variations. Using a number, hyphen, or an alternative spelling might help you identify a desirable username still available.




GitHub prohibits account name squatting, and account names may not be reserved or inactively held for future use. Accounts violating this name squatting policy may be removed or renamed without notice. アカウント名と引き換えに他の形態の支払いを販売、購入、または勧誘することは禁止されており、これを行った場合、アカウントが永久に停止される場合があります。

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