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A repository owned by a user account has two permission levels: the repository owner and collaborators.


About permissions levels for a user account repository

Repositories owned by user accounts have one owner. Ownership permissions can't be shared with another user account.

You can also invite users on GitHub to your repository as collaborators. For more information, see "Inviting collaborators to a personal repository."

Tip: If you require more granular access to a repository owned by your user account, consider transferring the repository to an organization. 詳細は「リポジトリを移譲する」を参照してください。

Owner access for a repository owned by a user account

リポジトリオーナーは、リポジトリを完全に制御することができます。 In addition to the actions that any collaborator can perform, the repository owner can perform the following actions.

Invite collaborators
Change the visibility of the repository"Setting repository visibility"
Limit interactions with the repository"Limiting interactions in your repository"
Rename a branch, including the default branch"Renaming a branch"
Manage the repository's topics"Classifying your repository with topics"
Manage security and analysis settings for the repository"Managing security and analysis settings for your repository"
Enable the dependency graph for a private repository"Exploring the dependencies of a repository"
パッケージの削除"Deleting a package"
Customize the repository's social media preview"Customizing your repository's social media preview"
Create a template from the repository"Creating a template repository"
Dependabot alerts for vulnerable dependencies"About alerts for vulnerable dependencies"
Dismiss Dependabot alerts in the repositoryリポジトリ内の脆弱な依存関係を表示・更新する
Manage data use for a private repository"Managing data use settings for your private repository"
Archive the repository"About archiving repositories"
Create security advisories"About GitHub Security Advisories"
Display a sponsor button"Displaying a sponsor button in your repository"
Allow or disallow auto-merge for pull requests"Managing auto-merge for pull requests in your repository"

Collaborator access for a repository owned by a user account

Collaborators on a personal repository can pull (read) the contents of the repository and push (write) changes to the repository.

メモ: プライベートリポジトリでは、リポジトリオーナーはコラボレーターに書き込みアクセスしか付与できません。 コラボレーターが、ユーザアカウントによって所有されているリポジトリに対して「読み取りのみ」アクセス権を持つことはできません。

Collaborators can also perform the following actions.

Fork the repository"About forks"
Rename a branch other than the default branch"Renaming a branch"
Create, edit, and delete comments on commits, pull requests, and issues in the repository
Create, assign, close, and re-open issues in the repository"Managing your work with issues"
Manage labels for issues and pull requests in the repository"Labeling issues and pull requests"
Manage milestones for issues and pull requests in the repositoryIssueやプルリクエストのためのマイルストーンの作成と編集
Mark an issue or pull request in the repository as a duplicate"About duplicate issues and pull requests"
Create, merge, and close pull requests in the repository"Proposing changes to your work with pull requests"
Enable and disable auto-merge for a pull request"Automatically merging a pull request"
Apply suggested changes to pull requests in the repository"Incorporating feedback in your pull request"
Create a pull request from a fork of the repositoryフォークからプルリクエストを作成する
Submit a review on a pull request that affects the mergeability of the pull requestプルリクエストで提案された変更をレビューする
Create and edit a wiki for the repositoryウィキについて
Create and edit releases for the repository"Managing releases in a repository"
Act as a code owner for the repository"About code owners"
Publish, view, or install packages"Publishing and managing packages"


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