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About team discussions

Your team can plan together, update one another, or talk about any topic you'd like in discussion posts on your team's page in an organization.


Teamのページでは、複数のプロジェクトあるいはリポジトリにまたがり、特定のIssueやプルリクエストに属さない会話のためにTeamディスカッションが利用できます。 アイデアについてディスカッションするためにリポジトリでIssueを開く代わりに、Teamディスカッションで会話することでTeam全体を巻き込めます。

Any organization member can post on your team's page or participate in a public discussion. プライベートポストはチームのメンバーおよび Organization のオーナーからしか見えず、パブリックなポストは Organization の全メンバーから見えます。

Discussions tab of team page with public and private discussions

You can link to any team discussion to reference it elsewhere. You can pin important posts to your team's page for quick reference later. For more information, see "Pinning a team discussion."

Pinned discussions tab of team page with pinned discussion

Teamディスカッションは、デフォルトでOrganizationsで利用できるようになっています。 Owners can disable team discussions for the entire organization. For more information, see "Disabling team discussions for your organization."

Notifications for team discussions

When someone posts or replies to a public discussion on a team's page, members of the team and members of any child teams receive email or web notifications. When someone posts or replies to a private discussion on a team's page, only members of the team receive notifications.

Tip: Depending on your notification settings, you'll receive updates by email, the web notifications page on GitHub, or both. For more information, see "Configuring notifications."

By default, if your username is mentioned in a team discussion, you'll receive notifications for the post mentioning your username and any replies to that post. Also, by default, if you reply to a post, you will receive notifications for other replies to the post.

To turn off notifications for team discussions, you can unsubscribe to a specific discussion post or change your notification settings to unwatch or completely ignore a specific team's discussions. You can subscribe to notifications for a specific discussion post even if you're unwatching that team's discussions.

For more information, see "Viewing your subscriptions" and "Nested teams."

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