Adding outside collaborators to repositories in your organization

An outside collaborator is a person who isn't explicitly a member of your organization, but who has Read, Write, or Admin permissions to one or more repositories in your organization.

People with admin access to a repository can add an outside collaborator to the repository.

About outside collaborators

Adding an outside collaborator to a private repository will use one of your organization's paid licenses. For more information, see "About per-user pricing."

An organization owner can restrict the ability to invite collaborators. For more information, see "Setting permissions for adding outside collaborators."

If your organization requires members and outside collaborators to use two-factor authentication, they must enable two-factor authentication before they can accept your invitation to collaborate on an organization repository.

When you add an outside collaborator to a repository, you'll also need to add them to any forks of the repository you'd like them to access.

To further support your team's collaboration abilities, you can upgrade to GitHub Enterprise Cloud, which includes features like protected branches and code owners on private repositories. For more information about how you can try GitHub Enterprise Cloud for free, see "Setting up a trial of GitHub Enterprise Cloud."

Adding outside collaborators to a repository

  1. On, navigate to the main page of the repository.

  2. Under your repository name, click Settings. Repository settings button

  3. In the left sidebar, click Manage access. "Manage access" tab

  4. To the right of "Manage access", click Invite teams or people. "Invite teams or people" button

  5. In the search field, start typing the name of person you want to invite, then click a name in the list of matches. Search field for typing the name of a person to invite to the repository

  6. Under "Choose a role", select the permissions to grant to the person, then click Add NAME to REPOSITORY. Selecting permissions for the person

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