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Customizing your organization's profile

You can share information about your organization by customizing your organization's profile

About your organization's profile README

You can share information about how to engage with your organization by creating an organization profile README. GitHub shows your organization profile README in the "Overview" tab of your organization.

You can choose what information to include your organization profile README. Here are some examples of information that may be helpful in your organization's profile README.

  • An "About" section that describes your organization
  • Guidance for getting help in the organization

You can format text and include emoji, images, and GIFs in your organization profile README by using GitHub Flavored Markdown. For more information, see "Getting started with writing and formatting on GitHub."

Adding an organization profile README

  1. If your organization does not already have a public .github repository, create a public .github repository.
  2. In your organization's .github repository, create a file in the profile folder.
  3. Commit the changes to the file. The content of the will appear on your organization's profile.