Removing a remote

Use the git remote rm command to remove a remote URL from your repository.

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The git remote rm command takes one argument:

  • A remote name, for example, destination


These examples assume you're cloning using HTTPS, which is recommended.

$ git remote -v
# View current remotes
> origin (fetch)
> origin (push)
> destination (fetch)
> destination (push)

$ git remote rm destination
# Remove remote
$ git remote -v
# Verify it's gone
> origin (fetch)
> origin (push)

Note: git remote rm does not delete the remote repository from the server. It simply removes the remote and its references from your local repository.


You may encounter these errors when trying to remove a remote.

Could not remove config section 'remote.[name]'

This error means that the remote you tried to delete doesn't exist:

$ git remote rm sofake
> error: Could not remove config section 'remote.sofake'

Check that you've correctly typed the remote name.

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