About GitHub Education

GitHub Education offers a special free product for schools that want to make the most of GitHub for their community and agree to specific program requirements.

If your school agrees to meet certain requirements, your secondary school, university, or bootcamp can get GitHub Education, which offers the best of GitHub for free, including:

  • GitHub Enterprise Cloud and/or GitHub Enterprise Server
  • Teacher training to master Git and GitHub with our Campus Advisor program
  • Automated access to premium GitHub Education features, like the GitHub Student Developer Pack
  • Leadership development and technical training for students with the Campus Experts program

For more information, see the official GitHub Education page. To learn more about training programs for student leaders and teachers, see "GitHub Campus Experts" and "Campus Advisors."

If you're a student or academic faculty and your school isn't partnered with GitHub as a GitHub Education school, then you can still individually apply for discounts to use GitHub. For more information, see "Using GitHub for your schoolwork" or "Using GitHub in your classroom and research."

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