Managing dormant users

A user account is considered to be dormant if it has not been active for 90 days.

"Activity" includes, but is not limited to:

  • Signing in to GitHub Enterprise Cloud.
  • Commenting on issues and pull requests.
  • Creating, deleting, watching, and starring repositories.
  • Pushing commits.
  • Accessing resources by using a personal access token or SSH key.

Note: The Dormant Users report is currently in private beta so admins only have access to this feature with a special invite. To join the private beta, receive support, or address your questions, contact the GitHub representative who helps manage your account.

Note: During the private beta, ongoing improvements to the report download feature may limit its availability.

Downloading the dormant users report from your enterprise account

  1. In the top-right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your enterprises. "Your enterprises" in drop-down menu for profile photo on GitHub Enterprise Cloud

  2. In the list of enterprises, click the enterprise you want to view. Name of an enterprise in list of your enterprises

  3. In the enterprise account sidebar, click Compliance. Compliance tab in the enterprise account sidebar

  4. To download your Dormant Users (beta) report as a CSV file, under "Other", click Download. Download button under "Other" on the Compliance page

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