Auditing activity in your enterprise

You can audit the activity of the managed users in your enterprise, viewing information about what actions were performed, by which user, and when they took place.

Enterprise owners can access the audit log.

To manage users in your enterprise with your identity provider, your enterprise must be enabled for Enterprise Managed Users, which are available with GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For more information, see "About Enterprise Managed Users."

About the audit log

The audit log allows enterprise owners to quickly review or export the actions performed by both owners and members of your enterprise. Each audit log entry shows information about the event.

  • The organization an action was performed in
  • The user who performed the action
  • Which repository an action was performed in
  • The action that was performed
  • Which country the action took place in
  • The date and time the action occurred

Accessing the audit log

You can also access the audit log for your enterprise from the REST API. For more information, see "GitHub Enterprise administration" in the API documentation.

  1. In the top-right corner of, click your profile photo, then click Your enterprises. "Your enterprises" in drop-down menu for profile photo on GitHub Enterprise Cloud

  2. In the list of enterprises, click the enterprise you want to view. Name of an enterprise in list of your enterprises

  3. In the enterprise account sidebar, click Settings. Settings tab in the enterprise account sidebar

  4. Under " Settings", click Audit log. Audit log tab in the enterprise account sidebar

  5. Optionally, above the list of events, select the Export Git Events or Export drop-down menu and choose options for exporting events from the audit log. "Export Git Events" and "Export" drop-down menus for the enterprise audit log

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