Understanding billing for Codespaces

Learn how your Codespaces usage is billed.

Codespaces is available for organizations using GitHub Team or GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For more information, see "GitHub's products."

This article explains how billing works for your codespaces, and explains how your organization's billing manager can help.

Getting access to Codespaces

Your organization's administrator might limit Codespaces usage to only specific user accounts. To get access, you will need to contact your billing manager. For more information, see "Managing access and security for your codespaces."

How much it costs to use Codespaces

To see the pricing for Codespaces usage, see "Codespaces pricing."

How your codespace usage is billed

Your codespace is billed for its compute minutes and for the amount of storage it uses on disk.

Understanding what compute minutes are

Your codespace is billed for the number of minutes that it's active. If your codespaces window is left idle for 30 minutes, it will automatically shutdown, and compute billing for the codespace will end until you start the codespace again.

Understanding how codespace storage is billed

For Codespaces, storage is defined to include any files relating to your codespace, such as the cloned repository, configuration files, and extensions, among others. This storage is billed while your codespace is shutdown. The storage billing for a codespace ends when you manually delete it from https://github.com/codespaces.

How spending limits work

Before your organization can use Codespaces, your billing manager will need to set a spending limit. For more information, see "Managing spending limits for Codespaces."

Exporting changes when you have reached your spending limit

If you hit a spending limit, you will no longer be able to create or resume your codespaces. You can still export any work in progress changes to a new branch.

Checking your current usage and limits

If you need to check your current usage or spending limit, contact your organization's billing manager. For more information, see "Viewing your Codespaces usage."

Codespaces can be automatically deleted

Your codespace will be automatically deleted when you are removed from an organization or repository.

Deleting your unused codespaces

You can manually delete your codespaces in https://github.com/codespaces and from within Visual Studio Code. To reduce the size of a codespace, you can manually delete files using the terminal or from within Visual Studio Code.

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