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您可以使用唯一 URL 共享在 GitHub 上创建的每个发行版。

  1. 在 上,导航到仓库的主页面。

  2. To the right of the list of files, click Releases. 右侧边栏中的 Releases(发行版)部分

  3. To copy a unique URL to your clipboard, find the release you want to link to, right click the title, and copy the URL.

    Release title

  4. 或者,右键单击 Latest Release(最新发行版)并复制 URL 以共享它。 此 URL 的后缀始终是 /releases/latest


To link directly to a download of your latest release asset that was manually uploaded, link to /owner/name/releases/latest/download/