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由于访问组织需要登录用户帐户,因此每个团队成员都需要创建自己的用户帐户。 在有了要添加到组织的每个人的用户名后,就可以将用户添加到团队。

Organizations that use GitHub Enterprise Cloud can use SAML single sign-on to centrally manage the access that user accounts have to the organization's resources through an identity provider (IdP). For more information, see "About identity and access management with SAML single sign-on" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.

You can also consider Enterprise Managed Users. Enterprise Managed Users is a feature of GitHub Enterprise Cloud that provides even greater control over enterprise members and resources. With Enterprise Managed Users, all members are provisioned and managed through your identity provider (IdP) instead of users creating their own accounts on GitHub. Team membership can be managed using groups on your IdP. Managed users are restricted to their enterprise and are unable to push code, collaborate, or interact with users, repositories, and organizations outside of their enterprise. For more information, see "About Enterprise Managed Users" in the GitHub Enterprise Cloud documentation.


  1. 向每个人提供关于创建用户帐户的说明。
  2. 获取要赋予其组织成员资格的每个人的用户名。
  3. 邀请新个人帐户加入您的组织。 使用组织角色仓库权限限制每个帐户的访问权限。