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Troubleshooting dotfiles for Codespaces

Troubleshooting steps for common dotfiles issues.

代码空间可用于使用 GitHub Team 或 GitHub Enterprise Cloud 的组织。 更多信息请参阅“GitHub 的产品”。

If your codespace fails to pick up configuration settings from dotfiles, you should work through the following debugging steps.

  1. 确保您的 dotfiles 仓库是公开的。 如果您的代码空间中有密钥或敏感数据,请使用代码空间密钥,而不是私人 dotfiles。
  2. 检查 /workspaces/.codespaces/.persistedshare/dotfiles,查看您的 dotfiles 是否被克隆。
    • If your dotfiles were cloned, try manually re-running your install script to verify that it is executable.
    • If your dotfiles were not cloned, check /workspaces/.codespaces/.persistedshare/EnvironmentLog.txt to see if there was a problem cloning them.
  3. 检查 /workspaces/.codespaces/.persistedshare/creation.log 是否有可能的问题。 For more information, see Creation logs.

If the configuration from your dotfiles is correctly picked up, but part of the configuration is incompatible with codespaces, use the $CODESPACES environment variable to add conditional logic for codespace-specific configuration settings.