About secret scanning

GitHub scans repositories for known types of secrets, to prevent fraudulent use of secrets that were committed accidentally.

秘密扫描 适用于所有公共仓库以及启用了 GitHub Advanced Security 的组织拥有的私有仓库。 更多信息请参阅“关于 GitHub Advanced Security”。

If your project communicates with an external service, you might use a token or private key for authentication. Tokens and private keys are examples of secrets that a service provider can issue. If you check a secret into a repository, anyone who has read access to the repository can use the secret to access the external service with your privileges. We recommend that you store secrets in a dedicated, secure location outside of the repository for your project.

秘密扫描 will scan your entire Git history on all branches present in your GitHub repository for any secrets. Service providers can partner with GitHub to provide their secret formats for scanning. For more information, see "Secret scanning partner program."

If someone checks a secret with a known pattern into a public or private repository on GitHub, 秘密扫描 catches the secret as it's checked in, and helps you mitigate the impact of the leak. Repository administrators are notified about any commit that contains a secret, and they can quickly view all detected secrets in the Security tab for the repository.

About 秘密扫描 for public repositories

秘密扫描 is automatically enabled on public repositories. When you push to a public repository, GitHub scans the content of the commits for secrets. If you switch a private repository to public, GitHub scans the entire repository for secrets.

When 秘密扫描 detects a set of credentials, we notify the service provider who issued the secret. The service provider validates the credential and then decides whether they should revoke the secret, issue a new secret, or reach out to you directly, which will depend on the associated risks to you or the service provider. For an overview of how we work with token-issuing partners, see "Secret scanning partner program."

List of supported secrets for public repositories

GitHub currently scans public repositories for secrets issued by the following service providers.

Adafruit IOAdafruit IO 密钥
AdobeAdobe 设备令牌
AdobeAdobe 服务令牌
AdobeAdobe 短暂访问令牌
AdobeAdobe JSON Web 令牌
Alibaba CloudAlibaba 云端访问密钥 ID 和访问密钥对
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Amazon AWS 访问密钥 ID 和秘密访问密钥对
AtlassianAtlassian API 令牌
AtlassianAtlassian JSON Web 令牌
AzureAzure Active Directory 应用程序密钥
AzureAzure DevOps 个人访问令牌
AzureAzure SAS 令牌
AzureAzure 服务管理证书
AzureAzure SQL 连接字符串
AzureAzure 存储账户密钥
Checkout.comCheckout.com 生产密钥
Checkout.comCheckout.com 测试密钥
ClojarsClojars 部署令牌
CloudBees CodeShipCloudBees CodeShip 凭据
Contributed SystemsContributed Systems Credentials
DatabricksDatabricks 访问令牌
DatadogDatadog API 密钥
DiscordDiscord 自动程序令牌
DopplerDoppler 个人令牌
DopplerDoppler 服务令牌
DopplerDoppler CLI 令牌
DopplerDoppler SCIM 令牌
DopplerDoppler Audit Token
DropboxDropbox 访问令牌
DropboxDropbox 短暂访问令牌
DynatraceDynatrace 访问令牌
DynatraceDynatrace 内部令牌
FinicityFinicity App 密钥
Frame.ioFrame.io JSON Web 令牌
Frame.ioFrame.io Developer 令牌
FullStoryFullStory API Key
GitHubGitHub 个人访问令牌
GitHubGitHub OAuth 访问令牌
GitHubGitHub 刷新令牌
GitHubGitHub App 安装访问令牌
GitHubGitHub SSH 私钥
GoCardlessGoCardless 实时访问令牌
GoCardlessGoCardless Sandbox 访问令牌
Google CloudGoogle API 密钥
Google CloudGoogle Cloud 私钥 ID
Hashicorp TerraformTerraform Cloud / Enterprise API 令牌
HubspotHubspot API 密钥
IonicIonic 个人访问令牌
IonicIonic 刷新令牌
线性线性 API 密钥
线性线性 OAuth 访问令牌
MailchimpMailchimp API 密钥
MailchimpMandril API 密钥
MailgunMailgun API 密钥
MessageBirdMessageBird API 密钥
元数据Facebook Access Token
npmnpm 访问令牌
NuGetNuGet API 密钥
OpenAIOpenAI API 密钥
PalantirPalantir JSON Web 令牌
PlanetScalePlanetScale Database Password
PlanetScalePlanetScale OAuth Token
PlanetScalePlanetScale Service Token
PlivoPlivo Auth ID and Token
PostmanPostman API 密钥
ProctorioProctorio 消费者密钥
ProctorioProctorio 链接密钥
ProctorioProctorio 注册密钥
ProctorioProctorio 密钥
PulumiPulumi 访问令牌
RubyGemsRubyGems API 密钥
SamsaraSamsara API 令牌
SamsaraSamsara OAuth 访问令牌
SendGridSendGrid API Key
SendinblueSendinblue API Key
SendinblueSendinblue SMTP Key
ShopifyShopify App 共享密钥
ShopifyShopify 访问令牌
ShopifyShopify 自定义应用访问令牌
ShopifyShopify 私人应用密码
SlackSlack API 令牌
SlackSlack 传入 web 挂钩 URL
SlackSlack 工作流程 web 挂钩 URL
SSLMateSSLMate 集群密钥
StripeStripe Live API 密钥
StripeStripe 测试 API 密钥
StripeStripe Live API 限制密钥
StripeStripe 测试 API 限制密钥
Tencent Cloud腾讯云密钥 ID
TwilioTwilio 帐户字符串标识符
TwilioTwilio API 密钥
TypeformTypeform Personal Access Token
ValourValour 访问令牌

About 秘密扫描 for private repositories

If you're a repository administrator or an organization owner, you can enable 秘密扫描 for private repositories that are owned by organizations. You can enable 秘密扫描 for all your repositories, or for all new repositories within your organization. 秘密扫描 is not available for user-owned private repositories. For more information, see "Managing security and analysis settings for your repository" and "Managing security and analysis settings for your organization."

You can also define custom 秘密扫描 patterns that only apply to your repository or organization. For more information, see "Defining custom patterns for 秘密扫描."

When you push commits to a private repository with 秘密扫描 enabled, GitHub scans the contents of the commits for secrets.

When 秘密扫描 detects a secret in a private repository, GitHub generates an alert.

  • GitHub sends an email alert to the repository administrators and organization owners.

  • GitHub sends an email alert to the contributor who committed the secret to the repository, with a link to the related 秘密扫描 alert. The commit author can then view the alert in the repository, and resolve the alert.

  • GitHub displays an alert in the repository.

For more information about viewing and resolving 秘密扫描 alerts, see "Managing alerts from 秘密扫描."

Repository administrators and organization owners can grant users and teams access to 秘密扫描 alerts. For more information, see "Managing security and analysis settings for your repository."

To monitor results from 秘密扫描 across your private repositories, you can use the 秘密扫描 API. For more information about API endpoints, see "秘密扫描."

List of supported secrets for private repositories

GitHub currently scans private repositories for secrets issued by the following service providers.

Provider支持的密钥API slug
Adafruit IOAdafruit IO 密钥adafruit_io_key
AdobeAdobe Device Tokenadobe_device_token
AdobeAdobe Service Tokenadobe_service_token
AdobeAdobe Short-Lived Access Tokenadobe_short_lived_access_token
AdobeAdobe JSON Web Tokenadobe_jwt Alibaba Cloud
AmazonAmazon OAuth Client IDamazon_oauth_client_id
AmazonAmazon OAuth Client Secretamazon_oauth_client_secret Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Amazon AWS Session Tokenaws_session_token
Amazon Web Services (AWS)Amazon AWS Temporary Access Key IDaws_temporary_access_key_id
AsanaAsana Personal Access Tokenasana_personal_access_token Atlassian
AtlassianBitbucket Server Personal Access Tokenbitbucket_server_personal_access_token
AzureAzure Active Directory Application Secretazure_active_directory_application_secret
AzureAzure Cache for Redis Access Keyazure_cache_for_redis_access_key Azure
BeamerBeamer API Keybeamer_api_key
Checkout.comCheckout.com Production Secret Keycheckout_production_secret_key
Checkout.comCheckout.com Test Secret Keycheckout_test_secret_key Clojars
CloudBees CodeShipCloudBees CodeShip Credentialcodeship_credential
ContentfulContentful Personal Access Tokencontentful_personal_access_token Databricks
DopplerDoppler Personal Tokendoppler_personal_token
DopplerDoppler Service Tokendoppler_service_token
DopplerDoppler CLI Tokendoppler_cli_token
DopplerDoppler SCIM Tokendoppler_scim_token
DopplerDoppler Audit Tokendoppler_audit_token Dropbox
DuffelDuffel Live Access Tokenduffel_live_access_token
DuffelDuffel Test Access Tokenduffel_test_access_token
DynatraceDynatrace Access Tokendynatrace_access_token Dynatrace
EasyPostEasyPost Production API Keyeasypost_production_api_key
EasyPostEasyPost Test API Keyeasypost_test_api_key
FastlyFastly API Tokenfastly_api_token Finicity
FlutterwaveFlutterwave Live API Secret Keyflutterwave_live_api_secret_key
FlutterwaveFlutterwave Test API Secret Keyflutterwave_test_api_secret_key Frame.io
FullStoryFullStory API Keyfullstory_api_key
GitHubGitHub Personal Access Tokengithub_personal_access_token
GitHubGitHub OAuth Access Tokengithub_oauth_access_token
GitHubGitHub Refresh Tokengithub_refresh_token
GitHubGitHub App Installation Access Tokengithub_app_installation_access_token GitHub
GitLabGitLab Access Tokengitlab_access_token GoCardless
GoogleFirebase Cloud Messaging Server Keyfirebase_cloud_messaging_server_key Google
GoogleGoogle Cloud Storage Access Key Secretgoogle_cloud_storage_access_key_secret
GoogleGoogle Cloud Storage Service Account Access Key IDgoogle_cloud_storage_service_account_access_key_id
GoogleGoogle Cloud Storage User Access Key IDgoogle_cloud_storage_user_access_key_id
GoogleGoogle OAuth Access Tokengoogle_oauth_access_token
GoogleGoogle OAuth Client IDgoogle_oauth_client_id
GoogleGoogle OAuth Client Secretgoogle_oauth_client_secret
GoogleGoogle OAuth Refresh Tokengoogle_oauth_refresh_token
GrafanaGrafana API Keygrafana_api_key HashiCorp
IntercomIntercom Access Tokenintercom_access_token
IonicIonic Personal Access Tokenionic_personal_access_token
IonicIonic Refresh Tokenionic_refresh_token
JFrogJFrog Platform Access Tokenjfrog_platform_access_token
JFrogJFrog Platform API Keyjfrog_platform_api_key
LinearLinear API Keylinear_api_key
LinearLinear OAuth Access Tokenlinear_oauth_access_token
LobLob Live API Keylob_live_api_key
LobLob Test API Keylob_test_api_key Mailchimp
MapboxMapbox Secret Access Tokenmapbox_secret_access_token
MessageBirdMessageBird API Keymessagebird_api_key
MetaFacebook Access Tokenfacebook_access_token
MidtransMidtrans Production Server Keymidtrans_production_server_key
MidtransMidtrans Sandbox Server Keymidtrans_sandbox_server_key
New RelicNew Relic Personal API Keynew_relic_personal_api_key
New RelicNew Relic REST API Keynew_relic_rest_api_key
New RelicNew Relic Insights Query Keynew_relic_insights_query_key
New RelicNew Relic License Keynew_relic_license_key
NotionNotion Integration Tokennotion_integration_token
NotionNotion OAuth Client Secretnotion_oauth_client_secret npm
Octopus DeployOctopus Deploy API Keyoctopus_deploy_api_key
OnfidoOnfido Live API Tokenonfido_live_api_token
OnfidoOnfido Sandbox API Tokenonfido_sandbox_api_token
OpenAIOpenAI API Keyopenai_api_key Palantir
PlanetScalePlanetScale Database Passwordplanetscale_database_password
PlanetScalePlanetScale OAuth Tokenplanetscale_oauth_token
PlanetScalePlanetScale Service Tokenplanetscale_service_token
PlivoPlivo Auth IDplivo_auth_id
PlivoPlivo Auth Tokenplivo_auth_token Postman
PyPIPyPI API Tokenpypi_api_token
RubyGemsRubyGems API Keyrubygems_api_key Samsara
SendGridSendGrid API Keysendgrid_api_key
SendinblueSendinblue API Keysendinblue_api_key
SendinblueSendinblue SMTP Keysendinblue_smtp_key
ShippoShippo Live API Tokenshippo_live_api_token
ShippoShippo Test API Tokenshippo_test_api_token Shopify
SquareSquare Access Tokensquare_access_token
SquareSquare Production Application Secretsquare_production_application_secret
SquareSquare Sandbox Application Secretsquare_sandbox_application_secret SSLMate
StripeStripe Live API Secret Keystripe_live_secret_key
StripeStripe Test API Secret Keystripe_test_secret_key
StripeStripe Live API Restricted Keystripe_live_restricted_key
StripeStripe Test API Restricted Keystripe_test_restricted_key
StripeStripe Webhook Signing Secretstripe_webhook_signing_secret
SupabaseSupabase Service Keysupabase_service_key Tableau
TelegramTelegram Bot Tokentelegram_bot_token Tencent Cloud
TwilioTwilio Access Tokentwilio_access_token Twilio
TypeformTypeform Personal Access Tokentypeform_personal_access_token
WorkOSWorkOS Production API Keyworkos_production_api_key
WorkOSWorkOS Staging API Keyworkos_staging_api_key
YandexYandex.Cloud API Keyyandex_cloud_api_key
YandexYandex.Cloud IAM Cookieyandex_cloud_iam_cookie
YandexYandex.Cloud IAM Tokenyandex_cloud_iam_token
YandexYandex.Dictionary API Keyyandex_dictionary_api_key
YandexYandex.Predictor API Keyyandex_predictor_api_key
YandexYandex.Translate API Keyyandex_translate_api_key

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